Presentation at EUEC 2010 Conference, 2/2/10

I’ll be traveling to Phoenix next week to present a talk on the prospects for the use of advanced biotechnology in commercial biofuels production. This talk, on Tuesday, February 2, will be at the EUEC 2010 Energy and Environment Conference, and I’m a co-chair of a session in the “Biofuels, Biomass & Biogas” Track, entitled “Biofuel Ethanol”. My original motivation to start this blog was to be able to present additional information to supplement this presentation that I won’t have the time to present in the talk. My blog posts to date have covered some of the introductory sections of the talk (mostly providing an overview of the types of biotech strategies that are applicable to different industry sectors and to different classes of organisms). I will continue to post additional content that supports my talk, beginning later this week with discussions and profiles of those companies actively commercializing or researching applications of biotechnology in biofuel production. The first blog post covering the content of the talk is at

I’ll be attending two days out of the 3-day EUEC meeting, and during my time at the conference, I’ll be blogging about any interesting presentations I attend or other information I learn about biofuel-related activities. After the talk, I’ll be posting my slides online, and there will be a link to the slides here in the blog – look for that by the end of the first week in February. As always, please feel free to comment or contact me with any questions you may have.

D. Glass Associates, Inc. is a consulting company specializing in several fields of biotechnology. David Glass, Ph.D. is a veteran of nearly thirty years in the biotech industry, with expertise in patents, technology licensing, industrial biotechnology regulatory affairs, and market and technology assessments. This blog provides back-up and expanded content to complement a presentation Dr. Glass is making at the EUEC 2010 conference on February 2, 2010 entitled “Prospects for the Use of Genetic Engineering in Biofuel Production.”


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  1. Hello,
    I want to say thanks for sharing the information on this blog. I have been looking for information of this nature, since I do not work on the bioengineering side but more on the system controls side. My mind is always hungry and information like this seems intriguing and hard to find. I will find time to read your blog and give you some questions to think about. I apologize if my questions are basic in nature. I will eventually absorb the necessary information to comprehend.
    I am in the process of researching the cost of renewable energies. Any information (websites or books) to help determine the cost of algae biodiesel, or potential to lower cost would be greatly appreciated.
    Again, THANKS for sharing.

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