EPA Public Meeting on Guidance for Algae Submissions

The Algae Biomass Organization recently announced that EPA will be hosting a public meeting entitled, “Opportunity for Public Comment on Algae Guidance for The Preparation of TSCA Biotechnology Submissions” in Tempe, AZ on October 27, 2016, immediately following the Algae Biomass Summit being held in Phoenix earlier that week. This meeting is to continue to seek public comment as EPA works on developing guidance for submitters of MCANs and other notices to EPA for the use of intergeneric algae for industrial purposes. EPA has not yet announced details of this meeting or its physical location, except that webcasting and teleconferencing will be available.

This meeting follows one that was held last year, also timed to coincide with the Algae Biomass Summit. I reported on that meeting from September 2015 in a previous blog entry, and I have also submitted comments to EPA during the public comment period that followed that meeting.

I’ll post updates as EPA provides more information about this meeting in the weeks to come.

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