Book chapter published on regulation of bio-based fuels and chemicals

Last year, I was asked to contribute a chapter for a book entitled “Biobased Products and Industries”, being edited by Charis M. Galanakis. This book was published by Elsevier earlier this year.  My chapter, “Government Regulation of Bio-based Fuels and Chemicals”, provides a comprehensive overview of the regulations that might affect the biological production of fuels, chemicals or other specialty products, with emphasis on the U.S. and select other jurisdictions. The chapter covers the following regulatory programs in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere:

  • Industrial Chemicals: US regulation under TSCA, EU regulation under REACH.
  • Fuel Certification: Standards and registration requirements for civilian, military and aviation fuels in the US and Europe.
  • Promotion of Renewable, Bio-Based Products: The US Renewable Fuel Standard and state Low Carbon Fuel Standards, similar programs in Europe.
  • Use of Genetically Modified Microorganisms: Regulation of the use of modified microorganisms to produce fuels and chemicals under US EPA TSCA regulations and biosafety regulations elsewhere in the world.
  • Use of Genetically Modified Plants as Feedstocks: Regulation of the use of transgenic plants to produce fuels and chemicals under US Department of Agriculture regulations and biosafety regulations elsewhere in the world.
  • Other Regulations, including facility registration requirements, use of microbial biomass in animal feed, and others.

A description of the book along with a Table of Contents and other information can be accessed here. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have on this chapter or the topics discussed.

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