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Advanced Biotechnology for Biofuels reports on business, technology and regulatory developments affecting R&D and commercialization of biofuels, other renewable fuels, and bio-based chemicals. The focus is primarily, but not exclusively, on those companies and research laboratories utilizing the techniques of advanced biotechnology to develop novel renewable fuels or novel production pathways for existing renewable fuels. Specifically, most topics will address the development and commercialization of fuel ethanol (including cellulosic ethanol), biodiesel, biojet fuels, biobutanol and other drop-in renewable fuels. The most frequent topics include mini-profiles of companies using advanced biotechnology techniques to develop fuels or chemicals; government regulatory issues affecting such activities, reports of new research developments, including academic technologies available for licensing, and other business or market information relevant to such companies.

David J. Glass, Ph.D. is a veteran of over thirty-five years in the biotechnology industry, with expertise in industrial biotechnology regulatory affairs, U.S. and international renewable fuels regulation, patents, technology licensing, and market and technology assessments.  Dr. Glass pursues consulting activities via D. Glass Associates, Inc., a company specializing in government and regulatory support for renewable fuels and industrial biotechnology. Dr. Glass can be contacted at dglass@dglassassociates.com.


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